How to Upgrade the Video Insight Software

Jeff U.
2017-07-27 21:43


This article describes how to upgrade your current version of Video Insight software.


Possible Issues/Solutions:

    • Steps:

1.  Visit the Video Insight Download Page.

2.  Select the version to upgrade to using the drop-down menu labeled Previous Versions.

            • NOTE: Upgrading major releases may require renewal of support maintenance contracts (i.e. v4.x to v5.x). Please contact Technical Support to verify your eligibility.

3.  Download the appropriate installer under the IP Camera column.

            • Web Installer - Suitable for most upgrades. This installer will verify the currently installed products, download the necessary files, and perform the upgrades to those products.

            • Client-Only Installer - Suitable for workstation upgrades. This installer will perform the necessary upgrades to Monitor Station and/or VI Monitor. It does not affect the IP Server.

            • Complete DVD - Suitable for advanced upgrades, systems without Internet connectivity, and recommended for major release upgrades. This installer includes the necessary prerequisite files for both upgrades and complete reinstallations. It can also be used for custom installs, SQL installations, and simple client-only upgrades.

4.  Perform a Backup of the IP Server.

5.  Navigate to the downloaded file, right-click the Setup.exe and choose Run as Administrator.

          • For 32-bit operating systems, use the Setup32.exe file.

6.  Choose the appropriate upgrade option and click Next.

            • Upgrade - Suitable for most existing upgrades. This process will automatically scan and upgrade the installed components with no other configurations.

            • Modify - Suitable for advanced upgrades. This process will allow the user to select specific components to install.

              • NOTE: Components that are unchecked will be deleted entirely (except SQL Server). If SQL Server is checked, and an instance of SQL Server already exists, then the installation will fail.

7.  Click Next to begin the installation process.

8.  Once completed, click Finish to close the installer.

9.  Perform the same upgrade to any Monitor Stations/VI Monitors in-use by end-users.

            • By Default, an Auto Upgrade option is selected in Monitor Station and VI Monitor. When either is restarted, and connected to the newly upgraded server, the end-user is prompted to download the upgrade for their client software which matches the IP Server.
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