How to Export Cameras to a CSV File

Mike O.
2015-03-11 17:39


This article shows you how to export / backup cameras from a server, to a CSV file.



    • Steps:

1.  Right Click the IP Server manager in the System Tray.

2.  Click "Server Configuration".

3.  Click "Diagnostics".

4.  While in the Video Server Diagnostics window, hold down CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F9.

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5.  Click "Export".

6.  Choose the destination for the file.

8.  If successful, you will receive "[X] cameras have been exported to a file [X:\filename.csv]".

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9.  Click OK.

10. Click Exit in the Video Server Diagnostics.

11. Click Start in the IP Server Manager.


NOTE: This only exports basic camera information.  This is ideal for keeping general information of all cameras in case something gets lost and you need general information for where the cameras are on the network.  For a full backup, backup the SQL database.

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