Video Insight and SQL Server Connection Error

Jeff U.
2016-07-19 23:30


This article describes how to resolve issues with the IP Server not able to connect to the Microsoft SQL Server.


    • When testing the connection to the database, you receive Error: Database version is not correct. Either the database did not respond, or has an outdated version.

    • When attempting to make changes to the IP Server or its cameras, you receive the following message in the Server Configuration window:
      • Warning: There has been an error connecting to the database of this server. This system is currently running on the last known good version. You cannot make any changes to this server until a database connection can be re-established.


Possible Issues/Solutions:

    • Incorrect SQL Credentials
      • Steps:

1.  On the IP Server, right-click the IP Server Manager in the system tray.

2.  Choose Server Configuration.

3.  Click Diagnostics.

4.  Select Server Settings

5.  In the Database Information section, click Advanced.

6.  Re-enter the SQL Information required to connect to the InsightEnt Database.

          • NOTE: This includes the following:
            • IP Address and Instance name of the SQL Server (i.e. localhost\MSSQLSERVER).
            • Database Name - Usually InsightEnt.
            • Username - Normally the 'sa' account.
            • Password - The password created for the previously entered account.

7.  Click OK, and then click Test DB.


    • SQL Server is Not in Mixed Authentication - 

      • Steps:

1.  On the SQL Server, open SQL Server Management Studio.

2.  Log into the instance using Windows Authentication. (The user account must have admin rights to the Windows Machine)

3.  Select the server at the top of the left-tree. Right-click and select Properties.

4.  Select the Security tab.

5.  Under Server Authentication field, select SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode.

6.  Click OK.

7.  Click the server at the top of the left-tree again. Right-click and select Restart.

8.  Attempt to log in to the SQL instance using the sa account.


    • Firewall Blocking Connection - 

      • Steps:

1.  Verify that Windows Firewall is turned off.

2.  If Windows Firewall must remain on, create and inbound/outbound rule to allow for the SQL Data port. (More Information)

          • The Default SQL port is 1433.
          • If the port has been changed during a manual installation, verify that this port is opened in Windows Firewall instead.
          • Also verify that the instance name is updated accordingly when connecting in Video Insight: IPADDRESS,PORT\INSTANCENAME


    • InsightEnt Database References an Older Version - 

      • Steps: 

1.  Open SQL Server Management Studio and login using the sa account.

2.  Highlight the InsightEnt database and click the button New Query.

3.  Minimize SQL Server Management Studio and open an Explorer Window via Start Menu>Run>explorer.exe

4.  Navigate to %ProgramFiles%/VI Enterprise/SQL Files/

5.  Click and drag the VI.sql file into the New Query window inside of SQL Server Management Studio.

6.  Click Execute. Attempt to reconnect the IP Server to the SQL Database.


    • SA Account is Locked - 

NOTE: This could be the result of a brute force attack on the network. After a number of failed attempts, SQL will lock the sa account. Check Event Viewer>Application log for repeated failed attempts to log into SQL. You can use this Knowledge base article to view some security options.

      • Steps:

        • SQL Server 2008 - 

1.  Open a Command Prompt via Start Menu>Run>CMD.

2.  Type osql -E and press enter.

            • You should see the prompt change to 1>.

3. Type sp_password @new=[New Complex Password], @loginame=sa and then press enter

            • SQL Server 2005 - Type sp_password @old=null, @new='NewComplexPassword', @loginame='sa'

            • NOTE: @loginame has a single 'n'. The Video Insight software, by default, sets this password to V4in$ight.

4.  Type go and press enter.

            • You should then be brought back to the prompt 1>.

5.  Type Exit and press enter. Now attempt to reconnec the IP Server to SQL with the newly created sa password.


    • SQL Server Instance Has Special Characters - 

      • Solution:

        • Try to avoid using or connecting to SQL instances which include special characters (!@#$%^&*) or spaces in the instance name.
        • To reconfigure the instance name, follow this Knowledge base Article.


    • SQL Server Protocols are Disabled - 

      • Steps:

1.  Open SQL Server Configuration Manager via Start Menu>Run>SQLServerManager10.msc.

2.  Click SQL Native Client Configuration>Client Protocols.

3.  Under the Protocol Name column, double-click TCP/IP.

4.  Under the IP Addresses tab, locate the IP Address of the server.

5.  Below it, locate TCP Port and verify that this is the correct port.

          • Default = 1433.

6.  Click Apply>OK.

7.  Highlight SQL Server Services. Locate SQL Server (INSTANCENAME).

8.  Right-click and choose Restart.

9.  Close SQL Server Configuration Manager and attempt to reconnect the IP Server to the SQL database.

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